Musolf's corner is a memorial dedicated to Mark E. Musolf and all the Eagle Scouts of Troop 11. Mark held the positions of Committee Chairman and Scoutmaster, and Vigil Member of the Order of the Arrow. He earned Eagle Scout Rank, and the Council Silver Beaver Award. Over Mark's 56 years of service, his leadership and guidance helped turn many young Scouts into fine adults. Mark was a father figure to many young men, teaching and mentoring them in skills needed in Scouting and adult life. Thank you, Mark, for being such a good friend to those you touched throughout your life. You are greatly missed and in our prayers.

Mark became scoutmaster in 1966 after asked by Halley Pope, who was then the Troop Committee Chairman.  Troop 11 was the result of a merger of Troops 1 and 102.  He had been a scout in Troop 1, where he received the Eagle award in 1956 (at Camp Clark near Lodi).  He served as Scoutmaster from 1966 to 1983 and as Committee Chairman and Committee Member until his death.

Mark was a part of Scouting for 56 yrs as a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout, Explorer Scout, Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman, and Council Executive Board Member.  During his first few years as Scoutmaster, Troop11’s camp was his old troop's Camp Clark, on the Stuart and Andrew Clark farm not far from Lodi, Prairie du Sac, and the Wisconsin River.  In 1971, he purchased 60 acres near Dodgeville, which he named Camp Pope in honor of longtime scouter and Trinity United Methodist Church member Halley Pope.

Highlights during all those years were the many Boundary Waters wilderness canoe trips, two trips to Philmont Scout Ranch, 13 Eagle scouts, the many other outings (especially the times at Camp Pope), and the enduring friendships with both adults and kids who were involved with the troop all those years.  He also was scoutmaster of the Four Lakes Council troop that went to the National Jamboree in Virginia in 1981 and was honored to serve on the Council executive board and to receive the Silver Beaver award and the Vigil honor of the Order of the Arrow.   

In September of this year, Mark celebrated with Troop 11, 50 years of Scouting.  Mark is missed by hundreds of scouts, leaders, and friends.

A great source of pride for the troop is the large number of boys that have chosen to take the path and have successfully achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. 

1960  Marvin Dunn
1969  Christopher Bilkey
1970  Mark Singel
1971  Eric Landmann
1971  Fred Endres
1971  William Whisenant
1975  Tim Harder
1975  Brian Bunbury
1978  Randy Crompton
1982  Jeffery Tifft
1982  Mark Lay
1983  Scott Sherman
1983  Bruce Nemec
1983  Brian Kuhr
1984  Daniel Caulffield
1984  Craig Baldwin
1985  Christopher Kuhr
1985  Jeffery Ulrich
1987  Sean Timmens
1989  Craig Schwenn

1989  Christopher Baldwin
1990  Ryan Poling
1990  Jason Friske
1990  Martin Cue
1991  Justin Cruz
1992  Ty Werla
1992  Bradley Rechert
1994  Craig Weber
1994  Kent Thompson
1996  Jason Suchomel
1996  Kurt Thompson
1996  Christopher Otradovec
1996  Brian Weber
1998  John Sheehan
1998  Christopher Griffith
1999  Devin Little
1999  Mike Driscoll
1999  Jeff LaChance
2001  Jeremy Hill
2002  Nick DiCristina

2003  Robert McCoy
2003  Sean Pearson
2003  Hunter Hill
2005  Corey Little
2005  Trevor Little
2005  Christopher Pophal
2008  Colin Onken
2008  Ryan Baumgartner
2008  Andy Eikenberry
2008  Shane O'Donnell
2009  Robert Becker
2010  James LaBreche
2010  Carl Messer
2010  Connor Bruesewitz
2011  Ian Kirts
2012  Stuart Eikenberry
2014  Brandon Thill
2014  Calvin O'Donnell
2015  Timothy Vaughan